I cannot say enough wonderful things about Vivid. If you don't have time to read my full review, simply read this; shop here for any of your jewelry needs and you will not be disappointed! Recently I wanted to propose to my girlfriend, and didn't want to go with the ... standard set up of getting a ring she would hopefully/maybe like and surprising her with it. She's very crafty/artistic, and I knew she would prefer the option to design her own ring, or at the very least, have some input as to what design choices she could choose between. I visited several other nearby jewelers first simply because they showed up first in some online searches. All of them were 'ok', but they lacked the ability to do any custom design. It was simply 'here's what we have, hope you find something you like'. However when I walked into Vivid, I immediately knew something was different about this place. Granted it is a jewelry store and is set up as one, but the atmosphere was a bit more casual and the staff more naturally friendly (by that, I mean they seemed like normal people and not high-end salespeople trying to close a deal. While I know they are trying to make a sale, I did not feel pressured in any way as I did at the other places). I started talking to Ron (the owner's friend and employee) and filling him in with my intentions, my general budget, etc. He said that not only do they do custom designs, that is the core of their business, and that they could make something beautiful even within my budget. He then proceeded to show me their entire workshop where their staff builds jewelry of all kinds. He additionally showed me different pieces during different steps of the process. This was already several steps ahead of what other businesses had offered. After talking more and seeing more of the store and options they had, I was hooked. Fast forward a bit after my now-fiancé said yes :) We went to the store and sat down with the super-friendly owner Lenny to work on the design. Without getting into all the details, we both worked with Lenny over several emails and in-store-visits to build the ring of her dreams. Lenny works incredibly fast and professionally via a CAD program, so he built the ring completely from my fiancé's ideas and direction (yes, direction; not suggestion. Everything she wanted, she was able to add/delete and direct him to how she liked and wanted it to ultimately look). We could also tell that this was a labor of love for Lenny; he stayed late one night, and told us several times this was such a unique design and was very fun and challenging for him to make. I consider him an artist who just happens to own a jewelry store. Additionally, I was impressed by a few other areas. First, without me even asking, they negotiated the price of the diamond from their supplier down and passed on to me the savings. And on that note of price, I gave them my budget and 'not to exceed' amount... I was expecting the price to come in right at that amount, but the final price came in several hundred lower than just my base budget! I was amazed how they treated the design process a fixed-price; no matter how much back and forth discussion/design work took place, the price never changed. And on top of that, Lenny stated this was one of the most complex rings he had created, and his pride in the amazing and beautiful ring that he produced with his staff was evident. Finally, they have invested in a 3D printer which is very useful for the design process. Once my fiancé was ok with the design on paper/computer/pictures, they print an actual to-scale plastic version of the ring for a final check. From here she was able to see all the intricate and fine detail that 2D obviously couldn't show, and still make any last-minute-changes from here. During the creation process we were invited to their yearly Christmas party, and it was evident that they have a loyal customer base as it was quite packed. We received the ring weeks before we thought it would even be complete, and could not be happier. Additionally, free cleanings and maintenance are part of the deal as well. With all the amazing work that Lenny, Ron and the rest of the staff did, Vivid Design has earned a customer for life. They made this process incredibly personal and wonderful. Read More
I cannot think of any retail store that offers quality service better than Vivid. Lenny, Krista, Jenna and Ron are beyond welcoming, helpful and trustworthy. I have had three custom pieces made here, my engagement ring, wedding band and a pendant. Each exceeded my expectations. They have accommodated all of ... my ideas and sugestions. They provide you with computer generated photos of your custom piece so you can give feedback as to any alterations you would like. They have also repaired 4 pieces for me: restringing pearls, resized a ring and repaired two rings. They're cost is extremely fair and the work is always quality. The prices are extremely reasonable. I also appreciate how they are not pushy. They always work with my budget. Read More
I had small repairs done in the past and was pleased with their service so I decided to go back. I recently had my wedding ring of 28 years redone in platinum. When I say gorgeous....I mean gorgeous!! More beautiful than I had expected! I am so pleased with it! ... Their honest family oriented customer service gets an A+! They are great to work with and I will be doing all my jewelry business with them. Highly recommend them! Read More
My husband and I just got married on 5.16.15 & our bands were made by Vivid. The owner really got to know us & listened to what we wanted. We are completely in love with our gorgeous bands. Vivid was very communicative throughout the entire process & gave us a ... great deal. We are forever grateful to this team. Wonderful company!! Read More
Awesome place to shop. Always have your best interest in mind. Thanks Kenny and Ron for all your help. I will keep sending people your way.

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